Come and serve God alone
No more sitting and wasting time
He`s waiting for His people
Arise, arise tell that Jesus Christ is Lord
Tho` the world does not listen
Against word their back is turned
Arise and shine for His Kingdom sake we run

O you committed Christian
Let word live in your heart
To change your mind and attitude
And show it in your life
Then shine then shine let the darkness see His light
Face the world with power of God
Fight the world with love of God
Arise and shine
For His word will protect us

O you committed Christian
Keep preaching at all times
His presence be with us alone
From now to end of times
By grace by faith let finish all our course
Tho` must we pay all the cost
And we carry our own cross
Arise and shine, Gener Asia
Arise and shine for the Spirit empour`s us
Syair & lagu: Elsa Pardosi