C= do; 3/4

Only direct me, and I`ll find Thy way
Teach me the mission appointed for me,
What is my labor and where it shall be

Master, Thou callest and this I replay:
?Ready and willing, Lord, here am I.?

Willing, my savior, to take up the cross;
Willing to suffer reproaches and lost
Willing to follow if Thou will but lead
Only support me with grace in my need

Living or dying I still would be Thine
Yet I am mortal while Thou art divine
Pardon whenever I turn form the light
Pity and bring me again to the light

Tuhan, ku sambut panggilan suci;
Pimpinlah daku s`panjang hidupku
Untuk melaksanakan misiMu;
Dimana Engkau menempatkanku

Tuhan inilah jawaban hamba
Siap dan setia, setia, setia
Syair : Fanny Crosby
Lagu : John Ness Beck